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Here you are.

A powerful, radiant being, reading this with big goals on your mind, and all the resources around you. 

You know exactly how to make your health & fitness goals a reality, and yet there is something that is not quite clicking together for you to get it going. The whole journey may be overwhelming, and maybe you’re feeling like you just can’t catch your groove in this fitness game. 

As simple as “exercise, sleep, and nutrition” sounds in theory, getting into the swing of things is often a whole other story.

If this resonates with you, know you’re not alone! 

In fact, the majority of conversations I have around this topic is often very similar. 

When I ask what people find most challenging about their health & fitness goals, it’s plain and simple – it’s never about the method itself, instead it’s the simple act of ‘getting started’.

We all feel it, and I’ve been exactly where you are.

I used to psych myself out of getting started with so many things, more than I’d like to admit. I’ve come to realize it’s not just about ‘getting started’, though; if we really want to dive deep and get real with this, its about the limiting beliefs we have connected to our past experiences. We often focus on past ‘failures’ and fear replaying the same experience, and so it becomes ‘safer’ to listen to our ego as it convinces us to stay still.

‘Hey YOU, it’s better not to try. Just play it small, for crying out loud. Save yourself from your own disappointment.’ – Says your ego, as it subconsciously influences your (in)action. And how ridiculous it sounds when we actually read these words out loud! 

As the lesson in getting over this challenge has been a big part of my experience, I’m here to offer my top 5 tips for getting started with your health & fitness goals, along with my take on WHY you’re either ALL-IN, or ALL-OUT.

Let’s start with the notion of being all-in or out, since we just exposed the ego’s tricks. (Muahaha)

When you find yourself hesitant to work on your goals or dive into a new routine, consider the idea it may be the ego’s fear of failure, or fear of success. 

It’s too risky to be ‘wrong’ again, it’s also too risky to become this new ‘healthy fit’ person, because then you’ll have to keep up with this persona and it’s too much work to be different. As a result, you may find yourself dabbling here and there, just to play it safe. Maybe you’ll try a few classes and see how it goes, or you’ll research your perfect coach or trainer.. yet wait to be in a ‘better position’ before you write your message and hit send. 

When it comes to making your goals, desires, and dreams a reality – there’s one option, and one option only:

Make the commitment to your ‘best-self’, and dive in. 

Dabbling hinders progress as much as stagnation does. When you dabble, there is never enough of a commitment to hold you to it – there is also not enough at stake for you to really feel that responsibility in sticking to your new venture. It’s easier to leave when you already have one foot out the door. 

The best way to get in the groove of your health and fitness game is to make the commitment with your FULL HEART. 


Visualize what you want.

Be open to the possibility.

And most of all, treat this as a discovery process! 

There is NO SUCH THING AS RIGHT OR WRONG HERE 🙂 .. and, you are not your past. 

Breathe in and out, beautiful.
Do it now – do it with me! 

Amazing, now let’s jump into my 5 tips to blast through this challenge. 

#1 – Schedule your workouts.

If you need extra support and accountability to actually GET THERE in person, then schedule a class or hire a trainer/coach to work with you. 

#2 – Take action in fitness, then mirror your success with nutrition. 

Now that you’re exercising, you’ll naturally want to support this action with proper nutrition. They go hand in hand – and you wouldn’t want your hard work to be unsupported, would you? It’s easy to align to health-supportive nutrition after you’ve put effort into a training session; you’re more inclined to keep that momentum of success going. Don’t overthink this too much, after all, getting in flow is all about being in flow – one step at a time.

So, get your body moving first and then notice how you feel about your nutrition after that. My bet is you’ll be excited about eating foods that will support your body and your goals 😉

#3 – Celebrate & Acknowledge yourself.

Don’t blast through with your blinders on, take time to really acknowledge yourself for the work you are dong! Be present with the change you are creating in your life, and visualize the impact (now and in the future) this is having on your life! It’s a BIG deal, and something to be proud of yourself for. 🙂 

#4 – Set small milestones, and focus on systems.

Focus on the 24 hours in front of you, and what you can do to make each day your best. Once you set your bigger goals, it’s best to forget about them and focus on smaller ones to tackle each day. James Clear, the author of Atomic habits, advises us to forget about goals and focus on systems instead; goals are placed at the ‘end’ of the journey and are easier to disconnect from, while systems will create the momentum success to carry you through.

I agree with this, and I’ll even argue to break down the journey into smaller milestones too. Focus on getting through the first three weeks of your program, then create a checkpoint at the end to review how it worked out for you AND to celebrate reaching this milestone! Honour yourself for the change you have created / are creating in your life, and honour your body for the wonderful work it’s done for you.

#5 – Review and plan the upcoming weeks.

After you’ve hit your first milestone, review your schedule and plan out the following 3 weeks after that. Assess what is working for you, and what’s not working for you; maybe you’ll have to change up the days you train, or maybe you’ll need to revise parts of your program to fit into your schedule. Whatever the case, know that your health & fitness game is meant to add to your life, not take away from it. Ensure you are keeping with a schedule that works for you, and one that you are happy to continue on with! 

And most of all, if you can take one thing away from this blog.. remember this:

Treat this as a DISCOVERY PROCESS – know that there is no such thing as right or wrong! 

You are learning about yourself in every moment, and you get to consciously create your experience! Know that your past ‘mistakes’ are only guidance systems in place that help you to discern what works for you, what doesn’t, what you want, and what you don’t! The ups and downs are a part of the process – this is what it means to be alive! These peaks and valleys are not ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, and they are sure not an indication of who you are. 

YOU are a divine conscious being, who has every right to explore your fullest potential in this lifetime! YOU are a creator, YOU have the power to choose your experience and live out your greatest visions. After all, you wouldn’t have your dreams & visions if they weren’t MEANT for you. Trust your inner guide, and always remember to tune in to what feels right for you, and YOU only!  

So smile, beautiful, and let’s get to work on those goals!!


About the Author:

Margherita Di Bari
Margherita Di Bari is Miss Canada IFBB Fitness Pro, a Holistic Nutritionist, and Reiki Practitioner. Through PHYSICAL FITNESS & HOLISTIC HEALTH, she is passionate about leading people in the same way she has led herself through personal transformation. Through programs embodying nutrition & training, she facilitates the shift your mindset leading you to your own successful story of greatness.

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