Repeating Lessons: Body Vs. Mind

I’ve been here before. 


In fact, being here is what led me to my passion for fitness in the first place. 


Many years ago, it was this lesson that changed my life forever. Fast forward to today, and I’m back reliving the same principles I’ve held at the core of my beliefs - validating them one step further. 

Your physical body will only change with the state of your mind. 

And up until this point, I’ve learned this can be made as easy or as hard of a process for ourselves - the choice really is ours to make

When I began in fitness years ago, I used it as a meditative escape out of my darkest hours; I was hooked on the ability to shut my mind off and focus on building my inner and outer strengths. I held my training dear to me as personal time where I could let go of everything, and strengthen my energy flow and endorphins travelling in and out of me. 

Being so focused on the physical and mental health benefits of training, my body started to change at a rapid pace. Of course there’s a part of us that trains to look good, but I was lost in how much stronger I felt mentally, and I was distracted by the revelations I would have while training. 

I think the best part about fitness is being able to lift the weight that once held you down, with ease; the most rewarding part is recognizing those same lessons are transferrable to every day life.
— My thoughts

Life made sense like never before, and it was as if once day I woke up and everything clicked together; I became the strength I was missing all along. 

I found my passion; I started competing in fitness and pursuing it as a career, I opened several businesses since then and I’ve won my IFBB Pro Card as an athlete. Of course, with the highs come the lows - I’ve also battled anxiety, body dysmorphia, and a very disordered relationship with food. I’ll be honest with you, fighting what seemed to be a loss of control was extremely difficult to endure, and slowly I began to misalign with the core values that sparked my love and passion in the first place. 

I was training because I “had to”, I was training to “lose weight”, I was forcing myself to be a certain way without taking the time to rest or listen to what was really going on inside. I didn’t believe in “overtraining” - I did for my clients, but not for myself. I stressed myself when I wasn’t “where I wanted to be”; I pushed myself to a point of forgetting why I started all along because I was so trapped in trying to BE more, instead of realizing all that I already was. Don’t get me wrong, striving for greatness is a very positive thing and you should never be complacent on your journey, however you can get lost when you don’t balance out your extremes. If you are constantly motivated and consumed by negative forces, I don’t believe anyone will truly ever succeed. 


Fear can create you, but too much will destroy you.

Sometimes it’s not about pushing yourself harder, but instead recognizing where your values align - or misalign - with what you're doing. I took time off to reframe my mind and reconnect with my beliefs, and in dong so I’m beginning to feel the same positive changes all over again, similar to the years before. Today, I train because I love it. I train because I love myself, my body, my mind; because I love to move, because my body craves the physical endurance. I train for inner and outer strength, I train to feel my best, and be the absolute best version of who I am. 


Today I train for my maximum human potential - body, mind, and soul.

Sharing my story in love, light, and positive vibes,
XO - Margherita Di Bari

All growth requires another level of who you are.
— My Revelations