Top 3 Books to Spark Self-Development

Self Development

There is no shame in being drawn to the subject; after all, its what we were placed on this Earth to do.

Self-development is an inner process towards a happier and more fulfilling life. It is inner change which encompasses a more positive mindset. Essentially, it’s getting rid of negative habits to create room for more positivity and success in your life.

More and more are realizing the control WE have over our own lives; if we want a better outcome, it all starts with our attitudes and choices right now. Yes, I realize that can be an overwhelming statement; we have unlimited amounts of personal power, but where can we begin to harness this magic?

The journey starts within, one small step at a time. Inner change will always create the outer, and your quality of living depends on the relationship you have with yourself. So, make time for yourself! It’s as easy as that. Simply make the time to read and educate yourself with more enlightened views of life, and watch how fast your consciousness expands.

Lately I’ve been asked more than usual about my top spiritual or inspirational book recommendations, and I have taken it as a sign to share! Below are my top 3 favourites to start with, each of them varying in styles and concepts.

The Four Agreements – Paolo Coelho 
Self-improvement is not always easy. Ironically, it can be filled with frustrations and have you feeling as if you’re travelling in the opposite direction of success. The Four Agreements by Pablo Coelho gives us a reality check to the typical daily frustrations we may experience within ourselves as well as the situations that surround us. I would definitely recommend starting with this book to set the positive tone in your relationships and journey!

Light is the New Black – Rebecca Campbell
Feeling like you have SO MUCH inside of you that you can offer to the world? So much MORE than you are offering right now? You’re right. You DO have way more than you even realize, and Rebecca Campbell gives the reminders we need to dig up those forgotten thoughts. Somewhere along the way of “adulthood and responsibility”, we may have settled into a mundane life for security and comfort. In Light is the New Black, Rebecca teaches you to hear and answer that little voice who’s been knocking at your door for quite some time. This is “your calling”, and every single person on this planet has their own unique gift to share. If you’re looking for a book of inspiration, this is it!

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle
This is a book I will most likely read for the rest of my life. No matter how many times I read it over again, there will always be a new message to be found. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle invites the reader into an expanded awareness of life; think of this as your manual for enlightenment. Honestly speaking, some concepts may be harder to grasp at first glance – I found myself going over sections more than once to really be able to soak everything in. Though it can be difficult, and not as easy as the other two books, it is 100% worth the time and effort to learn. Exercising enlightenment is like a muscle, and I guarantee the more you read over the concepts in the book the more ‘a-ha’ moments you will have. I especially recommend this book for any skeptic; there is not one question on the path of enlightenment that remains unanswered. Eckhart Tolle covers all aspects of life as he sheds light on how our thoughts and emotions get in the way of our potential – the peaceful state of the now.

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I do! I would love to hear your feedback as you accept them into your practice. Self-development and knowledge will always be your strongest, and most powerful asset – one you will never regret!

XO, Margherita