Creating Space + Opportunities

I hope you’ve made a smooth transition into the first week of September! As mentioned in my last newsletter, I’m back from Vacation and feeling better than ever.

I’ve taken the time to restore both my body and mind, and in taking the time away I’ve been able to create more space in my life. I have been working on letting go of what has been dragging me down; all that has failed to serve my highest purpose, and greatest good!

When we can create lightness and space it brings more opportunity into our lives…

September is one of my favourite months because it brings a time to reframe our minds and make use of this new opportunity in front of us! It is a time to set new goals, think of new ideas, and create a life that we want.

This is a time to re-assess and make changes wherever necessary, to create a new schedule that will bring us closer to our happiest and most optimal state!

In creating your schedule, I ask that you consider 3 very important things:



  • Be conscious of what you eat, remember that our food is directly related to not just our physical state, but our ability of cognitive performance, our fullest potential, and our emotions & mood day to day! If you want to feel better, EAT better!
  • Exercise regularly, get those toxins moving and help your body release them through regular exercise!Consistency is key, and it is the ONE step away from looking AND feeling amazing; being your best from the inside out!


  • Unplug on a daily basis; take time to restore your mind from the stressors of life that surround you. While we can’t totally remove the demands of life, we can create better environments for ourselves! Make de-stressing a part of your routine.
  • Exercise for a stronger mental state; again, exercise is not only key for the physiological toxins in our bodies, but psychological stress as well! Negative feelings, emotions, and anxiety can be released through regular exercise. Get yourself on that endorphin rush! 
  • Think about WHAT YOU WANT; (this is my personal favourite). Is your job currently bringing you the joy you have in mind? Is there something that can make it better? Is your job fulfilling your purpose? Do you feel you want some other kind of life fulfillment that you aren’t yet getting? Re-assess what you desire out of life, and how YOU WANT to feel.


  • Create lightness in your life on a regular basis; on a monthly basis, consider what is no longer serving your highest good – on a weekly basis, consider habits or recurring thoughts that are weighing you down. What can you let go of?
  • Create a sacred space in your home; one you can come to for positive vibrations and inspiration. This can include pictures of yourself, family, friends, your goals, your dreams, things that bring you joy, etc. Decorate it, take pride in it, and let it be something you turn to for special reminders.
  • Spend time in Nature! While we still have the warmer weather, make use of it before the winter months. Soak up every second of the present moment, don’t rush life any more than it needs to be

It’s time to set those goals in motion, and if there is any way I can help you, I’d love to hear from you! Think about your physical, mental, and spiritual goals..

How can you become closer to the best version of yourself?

Love, Light, and ALL the Positive Vibes

Margherita Di Bari
Fitness Coach – Reiki II – Personal Transformations