Life’s Pressure – A New Fitness Journey

“When You Become a Diamond, You’ll See Why Life Had to Pressure You”

You’ve done it.
You made the decision, enough is enough.
You are finally taking control of your fitness goals, and you’ve just started with a new plan!

YES! How exciting is this moment?! Naturally, every ounce of your energy is now focused on planning for this life change. New yoga pants, new workout gear, new nikes, new gym, all to get ready for the new you! Things are good. You’re filled with confidence, and the motivation runs high for making this big transformation!

First week is going great – you’ve planned your lunches to take to work, you haven’t skipped a day with your training and you have been so excited to hit the gym! Now the weekend is here. Time to go out with your crew! One or two drinks are okay, besides, you deserved it after such a great week.. right? Now Sunday is here, you’re kind of hungover and haven’t eaten all day, so I guess a large pizza wouldn’t be too bad considering it’s 6pm and it will be your only meal of the day. You’ll be fine, back on your diet Monday! Oh, but the gym. Well, you’re also kinda not feeling the same gym motivation today, who can get a good workout with such a blazing headache anyway? Come to think of it, that “rest day” hasn’t been used up yet.. so I guess now is a good time! Before you know it, Sunday’s rest day, Netflix marathons, and pizza coma brings you to Monday (oh, the best day), where you’re still tired and the last thing you want to do is hit the gym to work out. What now? What happened to that sparkly, exciting, and vibrant plan you set in motion? Do you stay home just one more day, or do get up and do what you need to do?

What happens when all of your fit “motivation” runs out?

Whatever your story may be, it’s important to be aware that motivation is a temporary thing. Consider it a gift of energy from the universe, it helps you get all excited about your new venture and it gives you that initial push you need to get started. The honeymoon stage wont last forever though, and its important to understand your new fitness lifestyle is going to be something you need to work on every single day, to keep yourself actively progressing.

Aside from motivation running out, it’s important to understand the process won’t always be rainbows and butterflies. It will be far from that, actually, because fitness is not just a one or two week fling. To be TRUE to your venture and successfully accomplish all the goals you’ve set, fitness MUST be something you live and breathe every day; it must become a part of you! Now, that means you’ll have to bring your commitments with you through the highs and lows of life itself. And naturally, you will be faced with challenges that TEST your ability to do exactly that; how will you handle these “lows” that inevitably happen after a period of highs?

Most importantly, are you able to read the signs?

Do you really think what you’re faced with is a “coincidence”?

Is it a coincidence that your boss made you work overtime and now you’ll have to train after a long day at the office? Do you think its a coincidence your friend calls you out for after work drinks when you’ve already promised to block that time off to train? Or how about winning that free donut at Tim Hortons, when you promised you’d stick to your diet. Is it all really a coincidence that our commitments are tested? Or is this just the universe trying to see what were made of, and if we TRULY want what we say we want?

Sometimes, it may seem like its one situation after another, and temptation runs high to stray off path. If you can hold the awareness that this is greater universal energy at work, you will stay on top; persevere, stay consistent, and be proactive to make a positive change. Use this energy to your advantage, recognize that challenges are only opportunities in disguise and by passing each “test” you will build greater momentum to carry you closer to the success of your goals. Telling yourself you’re going to transform and commit to your goals is one thing, but sh*t gets real when everything works against you and you have to fight “comfort’s temptation” – what will you decide? The easy road is oh so easy, and we excuse ourselves left right and centre of why we “have to stay right where we are” – but will that ever lead us anywhere? At the end of the day, if you want to get where you want to go, you have to get up and work – there is no other substitute for the effort you must put in every single day.

Look for the ways you can honour your commitments, and recognize when your word is tested; will you be the person you claim to be? Will you do what you say you will do? Honesty is our greatest asset, and most times, it’s exactly what we try to ignore. When motivation runs out and life comes at us, the hard truth is that excuses will always be excuses. They will always hold you back, UNLESS you extract the lesson and make that change RIGHT NOW – the one thats nagging in the back of your mind (… yes, you know what I’m talking about!  ). Remember, life does not happen TO us, its happening FOR us; you just have to keep your mind open to see.

So.. get your new Nikes, put on that badass gym outfit, make a new playlist, go SMASH your workout, and cultivate the inner strength to keep you going. Embrace the pressures, look for the opportunities, and keep working.. until one day you become the diamond you were always meant to be.

Love, Light, and ALL the Positive Vibes! 

XO, Margherita Di Bari