Revelations & Revolutions - A New Program

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for years. 

Coming out of university, I decided I never wanted to go one more day without working for something I truly loved. As soon as I graduated with my degree, I became a personal trainer.

I got my first job at a chain gym, and quickly decided to freelance soon after. I loved training people by my own principles; mostly on a level of intuitive connection to my clients. My style is adaptive to the needs of each individual I work with; I tune in to their ability, fitness level, their mindset, their strengths, weaknesses, and I always seek to create that perfect mental and physical challenge that will help them evolve from exactly where they are. I don’t believe in comparison, and I don’t believe in making anyone feel less than; we are all facing exactly what we need to be facing at each moment in time. 

Fast forward a couple of years, I was lucky enough to open and instruct a top-rated bootcamp franchise. Three years passed, yet I still felt something missing - this isn’t the way I would choose to run this, I still believe there is a better way all my clients can reach more sustainable success. 

I left the franchise and created my own brand - Find Your Fire. I trained clients in person and online, and with that came a lot of brainstorming and contemplation - what’s working, what isn’t, and WHY?

What I’ve found looking around me is most people who reach success aren’t able to keep it. They enroll in a program or hire a trainer, set goals, achieve them, stop the program, and then find themselves reverting mentally and physically back to their own ways.

Why is this?

After years of reflection and even initially being in this situation myself, I realized there is one concept lacking in just about every program - the importance of PRESENCE in what you are doing. 

Have you ever heard of a fitness trainer who talks about the need for “presence”? 

Well I do - keep reading

In my years of experience, I first fell in love with fitness training because of the way it parallels the rest of my life. The way I physically lift the weights and overcome each set is the same way I’ve learned to overcome all obstacles life has placed on my path. 

I found the gym and my love for training through a very dark time; I was stuck in a serious depression where I felt my entire life crumbling down on me, and I couldn’t see a way out. Without being able to take one more day, I made the decision to regain control - what better place to make myself stronger than in the gym? 

Every time I came to the gym, I brought forward everything that was troubling my mind at the time. Just before I walked out onto the floor I set intentions to become better, and through a careful sequence of affirming thoughts I slowly overcame adversity in the same way my body overcame the “heaviness” of the weights.

You see, there is magic when you know how to make the connection between your body and mind, and in setting intentions you create this energetic movement for change.

Using PRESENCE through my training, not only did I achieve all my physical fitness goals, my mind also strengthened as a result. My answers came - revelations about myself and everything I had been going through; a brighter hope, visions for the future, and a new idea of who and what I wanted to be. 

Flash forward to today, and here I am. 

I’ve lifted myself so high from where I once was, for the last 5 years I have been manifesting my vision that I had set out since those darker days. I have earned my IFBB Pro Card, become a Reiki Master / Teacher, taken on Holistic Nutrition - all serving as my greatest tools in not only creating the core values of my company and business model, but also in helping hundreds of clients in their own journey of growth to this day.

Now, I write to you to share the amazing news that I will be opening something that I have been working to refine for years.

What I’m about to introduce you to is not your average bootcamp.

This is a MOVEMENT, a means of EMPOWERMENT, and a REVOLUTIONAL program that has the power to CHANGE YOUR LIFE - as it did mine!

FIND YOUR FITNESS is a small-group fitness program that encompasses training through the BODY AND MIND; with a special focus on INTENTION SETTING before each session and HOLDING PRESENCE throughout, I have the recipe for successful transformations that will last a lifetime

Here’s what DOESN'T matter in this program: your background, your fitness level, your age, your experience. I train many people who are more than advanced, and many who are just starting out.

Here’s what DOES: your 100% PRESENCE, and willingness to make a change.

If you're here to pass time, don’t bother.
If you don’t care as much as I do about your growth, this is not the place for you.
If you’re half in and half out with your decision, there are other programs that will happily take your money and be even happier when you decide not to show up. 

I’m looking for 8-12 people (per class) who are serious about regaining control in their lives and revolutionizing who they are. I’m looking for people who are committed to what this program offers both mentally and physically, and who will contribute to the positive energy and growth of this special group. 

I am about to give you the same tools I’ve used throughout my journey of transformation, and as long as you bring your best efforts to the table, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to create the same kind of success in your life.

Pre-registration will begin at the end of June, and this 8-WEEK program will run from
JULY 8 - SEPTEMBER 8th (also working AROUND the holiday schedule!)

If you're interested in learning more, please sign up for my mailing list by scrolling all the way down on my home page!

I am BEYOND excited to set this plan into motion, and I am so thankful for the support of each and every one of you along the way. Amazing things are on the horizon, and I hope you'll join me in this revolution

Sending out love, light, and positive vibes

Margherita Di Bari