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As humans, we have one mode of control when navigating our experience – and that is choice. 

We have the ability to choose the thoughts we allow through the “gateway” of our conscious-to-subconscious mind, where it settles and becomes a part of us. 

You may be thinking: “how is this possible, I don’t choose to hold negative thoughts but they still end up in my mind – it’s just an aspect of what it means to be human”. 

And to that I’d say you’re absolutely right. Negative, fear based thoughts are an extension of the ego, and as long as we’re human the ego is something we cannot escape from. 

But there is liberation…

This liberation comes from the acknowledgement of our CHOICE. 

Humans have the privilege to choose what we allow into our experience. If a negative thought intruder shows up, we can exercise our choice in letting it stay (allowing it to integrate with our experience), OR we can replace it with a thought in higher alignment (one that serves our highest good).

Ultimately, we have the ability to discern what passes through our “gate”, however we must first realize our role and responsibility as conscious gatekeepers. 

Think of your mind as a garden, our constructive thoughts are flowers and negative thoughts are weeds. As a responsible gatekeeper, you will tend to this garden and discern the difference. Theres one catch though, if you choose not to exercise this responsibility, the weeds will take over – either you run your mind, or your mind will run you. 

“You may conquer your own mind; you have the power to feed it whatever thought impulses you choose. With this privilege also goes the responsibility of using it constructively” – Napoleon Hill

Here’s how we can unlock the matrix:

1. The first step is acknowledgement, without judgement. Noticing the thoughts we are present with without assessing the “right or wrongs”, “should’s or shouldn’t”. These thoughts are here, they’ve shown up, and that’s okay – they have something to show you. If you listen closely, they will guide you.

2. Next, assess whether this thought is rooted in love or fear. If it’s fear, exercise your power to choose. Flip the script. Fear is just one form of energy, and energy can be changed. In fact, the purpose of fear serves as the opportunity for our growth through lessons as we transmute it to love.

3. When fear pervades, choose love. It can be as simple as offering yourself the opposite perspective; remember, every seedling of fear brings with it the equivalent of love and light. 

If you still find difficulty in switching the lense of fear-to-love, it might be a good idea to consider your “conscious connection” to Source, God, Higher Powers, or whatever name you choose for Infinite Intelligence. In fact, this is often a sure sign that it’s time to begin a relationship with your guides.

Without going far into it – I’ll save that for another post – we all have guides who are ready and willing to help us through this earthy experience, so long as we create the intention to connect. Our guides have been with us before birth, guiding our souls as we align to our highest purpose in this lifetime. When switching the lense from fear-to-love, you can ask your guides to heal fear-based thoughts as they come up. 

Remember: fear is only the absence of love, and the two cannot exist in the same moment. Love is the flame which will illuminate darkness, and when you CHOOSE to keep loving thoughts in your mind, it will translate to your subconscious and begin to reshape your experience. 

You can choose which thoughts stay and go. 

You can choose love in the same way you can choose fear. 

You can choose responsibility for your role as the conscious gatekeeper. 

You can choose to upgrade your experience, just as you can choose to ignore it. 

Choice is the key to our human power. 

Are you using it?

About the Author:

Margherita Di Bari
Margherita Di Bari is Miss Canada IFBB Fitness Pro, a Holistic Nutritionist, and Reiki Practitioner. Through PHYSICAL FITNESS & HOLISTIC HEALTH, she is passionate about leading people in the same way she has led herself through personal transformation. Through programs embodying nutrition & training, she facilitates the shift your mindset leading you to your own successful story of greatness.

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