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Hi friends!

I have something new to share with you – a new series of content, called “Letters From My Heart”.

Somewhat of a diary, I suppose; I like to think of it as my collection of thoughts as I move through this thing we call life 🙂


Watching myself ‘date’ or being open to men getting to know me through ‘dating’ is quite entertaining for me. I have to laugh at myself; not only am I resistant to anything ‘unnatural’ (like being asked out in this prescriptive manner), I can be quite turned off by the subject.

There has always been a weird connotation around the word ‘dating’ for me; there’s this underlying expectation of getting to know someone with an ‘end goal’ in mind. When, in my eyes, the end goal is something that springs up magically and unexpectedly.

In my eyes, the ‘end goal’ is not considered until the initial spark is felt.

This spark – this potent energy – is beautiful, because when it arises it is undeniable between two parties; it is divine alchemy. This chemistry is harmonic resonance between two souls.

There is something felt, and it is THAT initial spark which draws me in to learn more about a person or explore what this energy rushing through my body is all about. 

Before that magical moment, any indication of ‘getting to know’ in purpose of (an already decided) romantic interest can turn me away. Call me old fashioned (or an old soul..), but I love being surprised by the universe rather than seeking out options for myself.

I just don’t connect to ‘dating’ with expectations attached, or with an ‘end goal’ of seeking that magic.

Maybe I’m a free spirit, but I don’t believe the magic is up to us – it just happens (and it’s absolutely beautiful when it does). It’s divine, universal source energy of two souls colliding; you can never see it coming, but when its here you’ll know.

At least, I do.

Maybe it’s a combination of life force, or a more personal indicator of claircognizance and clairsentience throwing signals at my heart. It leads me me.. ‘this way’. Rather, an undeniable pull of energy paired with a feeling I cant resist…  

Arguably, I’d say love and relationships are often a blueprint in the soul; an entanglement fated by time. What happens from the initial moment in meeting is a matter of free will in this earthly experience, but I believe some souls were destined to cross.

Which leads me to the idea of trusting the universe to lead the way above all; relinquishing control of creating outcomes in love, and surrendering into divine timing instead. 

I don’t know guys, call me an alien I guess.. because ‘dating’ sure makes me feel like one sometimes LOL.

And, before I end off misunderstood and sounding incredibly closed, I will say that WHAT I DO LOVE is simply getting to know a person for no other reason than sharing good energy and space.

I truly appreciate the simplicity in good company; things like sharing food, cooking food, (lots of food, hehe), and more importantly just having fun – dancing, hikes, nature, adventures… creating space for our souls to connect. I love getting high on conversation, and of course, getting lost in the secrets of this universe and ‘what it all means’. 

I don’t think there is anything better than just vibing with a person, and letting the magic naturally spring up – if it’s there to be revealed.

For me, the beauty of love is found in getting to know a person without an expectation; simply enjoying THIS moment as we explore each other’s hearts and minds.

To me, the beauty of love and relationships is a divine surprise.

(And I love surprises)

Stay open.



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Margherita Di Bari
Margherita Di Bari is Miss Canada IFBB Fitness Pro, a Holistic Nutritionist, and Reiki Practitioner. Through PHYSICAL FITNESS & HOLISTIC HEALTH, she is passionate about leading people in the same way she has led herself through personal transformation. Through programs embodying nutrition & training, she facilitates the shift your mindset leading you to your own successful story of greatness.

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