Margherita Di Bari

Margherita Di Bari is an IFBB PRO Fitness Competitor, FITNESS trainer, ONLINE COACH,


A strong advocate of encompassing fitness through the body and mind; Margherita understands that any long lasting success will always be the product of a sustained and healthy lifestyle transformation.

Margherita has dedicated her work to helping her clients achieve this lifestyle, along with finding their own personal power to become the best version of themselves. 

Addicted to the power of goal setting and achievements, Margherita takes pride and special care in every single individual she works with. 


Margherita will be your secret weapon in creating the perfect plan of execution for your personal goals, but leaves it up to you to dream up your vision and shoot for the stars.

Margherita continues to encourage those around her to find and follow their own path of happiness; after all, what is life worth if you're not living everyday doing what you love?

As she shares her experience and knowledge, she continues to manifest her own "dreams into reality", setting the example that we truly are capable of anything we desire.



Fitness Competition Ranks

May 14, 2014 - OPA REGIONALS • Luchka O'Brien Missisauga Classic / 3rd Place Fitness
May 30, 2014 - OPA PROVINCIALS • Toronto Provincial Super Show / 1st Place Fitness Short
July 18, 2015 - CBBF NATIONALS • 1st Place Fitness Short
August 13, 2016 - CBBF Nationals • 1st Place Fitness Overall, IFBB PRO CARD & Best Fitness Routine Award
May 27, 2017 - Toronto Pro Super Show • PRO DEBUT / 6th Place




Margherita's Personal Story

My journey began the day I graduated from York University with a degree in Environmental Studies for Urban Planning and Design. At the time, the only thing I knew for sure was a job in the field I had studied for the past 4 years of my life would never be the right work for me. Despite having been very proud of my accomplishments, I did not feel that sense of fulfillment I had been looking for; that feeling of “this is where I am meant to be” and “this is everything I have ever dreamed of” was missing.


I decided from that day forward that I would never spend one more day without working towards something I loved, and finding what truly made me happy.

With no idea what the future would hold, I wrote my name in the middle of a blank piece of paper and began to write. I wrote down everything that brought me joy; things I loved to do, any job that I could imagine adding richness to my life, any hobby, dream, goal, or desire.

Coming from a competitive dance background, dance is - and has always been - a very big part of my life. I live to perform in my own artistic expression; I live to move by what I feel in my heart. I met this first passion of mine at a young age as I became a dancer at 4 years old; my constant crave of physical activity and movement was born. Through dancing I learned discipline, and what it truly meant to work towards something I loved.

The love of my dance career later evolved into my second passion for fitness, having battled some difficult hardships both personally and simultaneously with my last few years of University, I found refuge in Health and Fitness. There was no other feeling like going to the gym and taking all of the day’s frustrations out on the weights. As an advocate of encompassing the strength of one’s body and mind, most of my revelations were made at the gym; I found my values and what mattered to me most, what was toxic in my current life at the time, and where I wanted to be.

After finishing what I like to call “the map of my life” I took a good look at the blank paper I had just filled with ideas and possibility. I created my vision, and happiness was the motive behind every action I would take – not money, security, or what anyone else told me I “should” do – it was all for my own personal happiness.

As soon as I set my vision and stayed true to finding happiness, my puzzle pieces continued to fit together. Out of University I became a fitness trainer, which led me to instructing and owning Fitness Bootcamps, which later fuelled my passion in developing my own Brand, Find Your Fire, and starting my own wellness business. All while simultaneously becoming a fitness competitor; competing in Fitness with the Canadian Physique Alliance (CPA), the National Canadian BodyBuilding Federation (CBBF), and the International Federation of Body Building (IFBB) Pro League.

As an athlete in the “Fitness” division, you are judged by your physique along with a dance/gymnastic performance. I found the perfect way to tie two of my greatest passions together; my strong desire to dance and perform as well as pushing my body through it’s maximum potential of fitness.

After so many years in my relentless pursuit, I found my path that I had been searching for. As a product of my personal journey, I started my brand, Find Your Fire, because I recognize every moment in my life has led me to be writing you this story right now; through every step I have battled my adversity only with intentions of strength and growth. Most of all, I recognize that each and every one of us has the ability to do the same; every challenge awaits unlocked potential, and with the right support, you can be set on your own path of success. I truly believe each one of us has a special and unique story to share, and a very special path to fulfill in this lifetime; a path that will only bring us ultimate happiness, joy, and the highest quality of living. I have worked over the years to remain conscious and ware of connecting the pieces of my life; the pieces to my puzzle. The more I uncover my layers, the more I realize every individual has the ability to do the same; we all have our own personal power – the fire within us – just waiting to be unlocked.

As a coach, I work to continuously build a network of motivated and driven individuals all working to find their personal spark of life within. My life's work is dedicated to lending a helping hand and guidance to everyone I work with on their own path to success. There is true positive energy in our network; an exchange of inspiration, as my clients and friends inspire me more than they know. This is where I have found true happiness in my life, THIS is the feeling I was looking for when graduating University; this is the feeling of "everything I had ever dreamed of."

I look forward to meeting and working with you, and I look forward to the highs, the lows, the challenges, lessons, and successes that lie ahead.

- xo Margherita