My Coaching Style And Human Design

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Welcome, friend.

This blog is dedicated to you, getting to know me, as your coach. 

I think it’s very important to understand the person you are choosing to work with; after all, this is a relationship where energy will be exchanged. 

When choosing a coach, you’ll want to know that you’re not only compatible with each other, but that the person you walk alongside as your teacher will have the traits you want to emulate and welcome in to your life as well.

Energy is contagious, especially in the co-creative experiences that my programs offer.

So, let’s dive in 🙂 – right to the good stuff.

I want to offer a more objective perspective to ‘who I am’ and what my coaching style is, as I give you a sneak peek into my Human Design Chart.

Human Design is a powerful map of your unique genetic design – it is a combination of astrology, quantum physics, the I Ching, Kabbalah, and the Hindu-Brahman chakra system. It offers profound insight into your psychology; rather than being built on faith or belief, this is a logical and empirical system to understand your unique energetic signature. 

Out of the human design types, I am a ‘Projector’.

Projectors are the natural “guides” of the human collective.

The projector’s aura penetrates deep into the core of the people they choose to work with, and through that they can see a birds eye view of what is best for them in the moment, what their highest potential looks like, and the unique steps for the individual to find fulfillment.

The projector’s gift is being able to see through the people they work with; to recognize who they are at the core or soul-level, and understand exactly how the individual’s energy should be managed or applied in order to achieve a desired result.

Projectors are masters of systems, and their gift is to recognize the signposts of being ‘on’ or ‘off’ track.

More unique to my personal chart, I’ll share some of the active Gates & Channels with you.

I’ll begin with the active ‘Gate Of Details’, which means I have the knack for planning, organizing, and creating a structure around successful manifestations. I carry the natural ability to understand what works best for you on a personal level, and I can easily recognize how to measure the ‘progress markers’ that are unique to you, and only you. (No more comparison – we play for success on your terms).

I have an active ‘Channel Of Awareness’, which means I am naturally always thinking and processing ideas and patterns. I look for the connections, and the depth beneath the surface for a well rounded understanding. As your coach, I recognize hidden drivers behind your actions and I hold the mirror for you to see them too.

This channel in combination with my active ‘Gate Of Rationalization’ means I carry the energy for intense focus, and an ability to analyze what has and has not worked in order to make smart decisions moving forward. 

Over the years, my motto as a coach has become: work smart, not hard. 

I’ve had years of experience in running myself into the ground, thinking my “hard work” was benefitting me, or worse, praising myself (or my ego) for how ‘hard’ or extreme I was willing to go. 

This is most relevant in the realm of physical transformations in fitness – the “train hard” mentality can be quite paradoxical. 

Why fight your body for results? Trust me – after years of doing this myself, it only leaves you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually drained in the end. (Dive into my IFBB Pro Bodybuilding story, where I go deeper on why). 

Simply put, I’ve loved putting myself in these challenging, and very extreme scenarios to figure out the best possible answer. And, with an active ‘Gate of Answers’, it comes as no surprise – this carries the energy to succeed despite ignorance; I am deeply driven to find answers to questions that seem impossible, and rise above with creative solutions.

As your coach, I’ll reveal new paths you can take to your final destinations – ones that work in alignment with your unique individual nature, and lifestyle. The status quo may paint one ‘picture for perfection’, but I’ll show you another – one that promises a soulful and enriching experience of building yourself up, and never breaking yourself down.

I’ve journeyed deep into my own experience to have the mastery of discernment for a healthy balance, and with an active ‘Gate of Perseverance’, I know exactly when to push and pull back. This gate carries the energy of powerful determination and its inevitable rewards; I will guide you with the utilization of this energy so that you avoid burn out, and maximize on the rewards. You can also count on me to reflect alternative perspectives on why you might be met with the same lessons repeating themselves, and how the universe is helping you grow through the experience.

One of my highest values is the multi-dimensionality of Transformation, and it is an appreciation for that depth that motivates me to do what I do. With an active ‘Gate Of Revolution’ it holds the energy of transformation on only the highest principles and never a shallow sense of power.

There are many transformation programs and coaches out there, but when you’re working with me, this is a journey of your personal (r)evolution on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. I am only interested in transformation at its CORE – at its absolute ROOT of the matter – so that transformations are sustainable, long lasting, and worth more than what meets the eye.

I’ve chosen to be the coach who is willing to ‘go there’ with you, and with an active ‘Gate Of Provocation’ this carries the energy of a great teacher who ‘knows what button to push’. I choose to lovingly reveal truths that may cause you to get uncomfortable enough to change. The energy of this gate holds the natural power to shift perspectives, say, from feeling ‘not enough’ to abundantly powerful.

I see the truth in you, and I want you to meet that truth too.

As your coach, I will never ever stop fighting for you and believing in you, so long as you meet me halfway.

I have an active ‘Gate Of The Fighter’, which means I am wise about what struggle is worth fighting for, and I am almost certain that my energy for pushing to find meaning and fulfill your purpose will rub off on you too.

Paired with my ‘Gate Of Vitality’ I know how to balance this ‘fighter’s determination’ by finding the joys in life too. Presence in our experience and a fundamental knowing that the universe supports us, is how I’ve chosen to live. Ultimately, I am an optimist who never takes life too seriously, and it makes me happy to reflect the same joys within you. 

Moving into the ‘Gate Of Self-Expression’, I carry the powerful energy to fulfill life purpose and express one’s self creatively, and my programs hold this value in high regard. I am more than aware that those who work with me will feel and reflect this influence too.

Through my transformations, experience, and programs, the underlying theme is always self-expression and self-love. With an active ‘Gate of Love for Self’, I carry the energy of taking personal responsibility for one’s experience and living in an empowered way. I hold self-love and self-discovery in the highest regard, and in working with me you can rest assured it will be at the root of all drivers for change.

My ‘Channel Of Perfected Form’ is where I will leave off, as I feel it brings everything together. This is the combination of self-love with an intuitive knowing for what needs to be down for one’s true fulfillment. People with this channel tend to be very empowering for others, and the people they work with will often feel and reflect this energy, too. People with this channel tend to know the most effective route for optimization, drawing together the meaningful lessons, challenges, the joy, the love, and the self-expression for the most powerful, lasting, transformation. 

~ ~ ~

While there are so many aspects to Human Design, I’ll leave you here, as this paints a pretty good picture of what you can expect in working with me.

(And, at this point, you may be wondering about your Human Design too 😛 Yes – this is something we can dive into as we work together.)

Remember, you are who you spend the most time with; energy is infectious and influential, so choose wisely who you let in to your life.

Not everyone will be the right match for you, and thats okay! The one’s who are your ‘perfect match’ will pack a life-changing experience worth every second of waiting for.

If you’re reading this and you are my ‘match’, I can’t wait to meet you. I look forward to co-creating our powerful and life-altering experience together!

To your success,
~ Margherita Di Bari

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