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Get Fit with Me

Access to my FindYourFire Training App
$ 33
  • Beginner / Intermediate & Advanced workouts available.
  • 30 Day Program - training 4x/week.
  • Track your goals, personal bests, photos, and progress - my app helps you stay accountable!
  • New training schedule will be released every 30 days.
  • Facebook support group & online community.

Custom Training Program

A program made for your personal goals.
$ 222
  • Custom training program and access to the FindYourFire Training App.
  • Introductory 45 min Goal Setting Consultation.
  • Monthly custom meal plan.
  • Email support and monthly review.
  • Facebook support group & online community.

Level Up Your Game

Online Fitness, Mastery, & Manifestation Program
for 3 month program
  • 12 Week Custom Fitness Program on FindYourFire Training App.
  • 8 Week Course with 4 fundamental pillars: fitness, holistic nutrition, mindset, & spiritual methods to achieve self-mastery.
  • Personal coaching & weekly check-ins, with direct messaging on the FindYourFireTraining App.
  • Learn insider secrets of the pro-bodybuilding industry to intuitively lead your SELF, & become your own world class coach.
  • Learn how to quantum leap into a higher version of yourself. Regain control over your life, body, health, and dreams.

My Mission

This is more than Health & fitness,
this is the creation of your highest and most powerful self.

Think of health & fitness as a practice for your self-mastery. As your coach, I’ll guide you to the total (r)evolution of your mind, body, and spirit. You hold the vision for a reason, my friend, it is yours to be realized.


Sofia's Post-Baby Photoshoot Goals

As Sofia admired her favourite fitness models on instagram, she felt a spark within and said to herself – “I can do that too!” This mama hit the ground running, and brought her goals to life for her very first photoshoot! 

feature two

Garrett's Natural Bodybuilding Goal

Garrett and I worked together for a 12 Week Fitness Model Prep. His goal was to take his journey to the stage, naturally, and he placed top 5! Taking home 3rd place for his first show.

transform today

What is your biggest goal?

Whether it’s a photoshoot, vacation, or an all around plan to bring out the most badass version of YOU.. I got you covered. I’ll let you lead with your vision, and I’ll fill in the pieces. You dream big, and leave the HOW to me; I’ll be there to support you with all the tools you’ll need to make your transformation a success.