Custom Fitness Training Program – 30 Days – Transform Now!


Margherita will custom design a fitness training program on the FindYourFire Training App, fit for your individual needs and goals.

Once your order is placed, book your 45 minute introductory call to connect with Margherita over zoom to get started on your fitness program.

It’s time to bring your vision into reality, and start living the healthy life you deserve! Enough of playing small, waiting around for the perfect time, or starting ‘tomorrow’ – life is happening now. Give yourself the gift of health and fitness, and watch as your whole world transforms with you.

Margherita is an IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), NLP coach, and spiritual mentor. She believes fitness training is much more than physical – it is the root of transformation for your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual realms. Making fitness a part of your life will help you build the ‘muscle’ of resiliency within your body and mind, along with the priceless experience of self-mastery. Embarking on a fitness journey will allow you to know yourself like no other, to see yourself in a light that grants you access to depths you may not have known before.

Fitness is a reflection of how you show up for yourself; it is a form of self-love and respect and is one of the most beautiful journeys you could ever gift yourself with.

Give yourself the chance to see who you could be.

Give yourself the opportunity to realize the greatness within you.

It’s time to realize your potential.

30 Day Custom Fitness Training Program, made to fit your individual needs and goals.


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