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A fitness program is a beautiful thing; the lessons you learn through the commitment of your goals can mirror such powerful lessons transcending your overall life – both inside and outside of the gym. 

In this blog, I want to make the greater connection for those ready to receive it; I invite you to dive in deep with me, and open your mind to abstract concepts that have the power to bring endless opportunity into your life.

If you are familiar with my work in the fitness industry, you know I believe fitness to encompass the body and mind. The mental and physical are connected and when we can understand how both work in the process of reaching our goals, we maximize on our opportunities for growth.

Let’s start with the basics, on your new venture I’m sure you’ve committed to the “eat, sleep, and train” model. You know how important it will be to eat quality nutrients, ensure 7-8 hours of sleep per night, and train with focused intention! This is the fundamental ‘trifecta’, but our journey does not end there.

As you make the commitment to your goals, you will be offered “tests” along the way. Yes, life definitely tests you on a metaphysical level, and holding conscious awareness of what’s happening is the best way to succeed. 

Before I continue, let me introduce a personal story, and one of my favourite examples.

In 2017, it was the first day fitness competition prep. I went to Starbucks to get some work done on my laptop and ended up having a really long night. I got caught up in my writing, and forgot to pack my prepped food. I was starving, and hadn’t eaten all day. The barista saw me working hard, and came over to offer me anything I wanted from the baked goods display. She said I could take all of it for free if I wanted, she would be closing up soon anyway. (For anyone who is familiar with a “macro-tracking” diet protocol, you know this is the best case scenario to “fit in” these treats. I had under eaten all day, so if I wanted to have something high in calories I could very well do so without going off-track from my plan). I looked around perplexed, there were so many other people yet she had only come up to me! I tuned into my inner wisdom – beyond what my mind “wanted”, I knew my honest answer was “thank you, but no”.

Tuning into higher consciousness, it’s easy to see this was another “universal test”. I’ve made the commitment to my fitness goals, and this act set an energetic shift in motion. Given this decision, it was natural that I was given the opportunity to align my actions to my words. 

I want to highlight the word opportunity vs. dilemma here, because the perspective you adapt for what “challenges” you means everything. The universe is not trying to mock you or make your life miserable through these “tests”, what is actually being presented is an opportunity to plant the “seeds of success”.

The cosmic, or natural law of harvest can be described as follows: reap what you sow, sow what you reap. With every challenge, we are being granted the opportunity to align to what we want and plant a seed.

If we align to our inner wisdom and intuition, we can be honest enough to choose the higher path that will lead us closer to our goals. In this case, we will be granted a seed for our garden. The key is holding this conscious awareness when these challenging situations arise; weighing out both options before acting on an impulse.

Tune in – your body always knows the right answer if you take the time to listen. 

If giving in to temptation becomes the choice in the moment, it might be easy to think you can get away with it “if your coach doesn’t know” – but on a metaphysical level if the chosen action does not align to the success you wish to have, you simply won’t have it. When it comes time to harvest your garden, there won’t be much there. 

Temptation isn’t all of it though, aligning to the finer details of your “plan” creates more opportunity than you may know! I always like to tell my clients: measure your success NOT by the number on the scale or what you see in the mirror each day, but by how well you can follow your plan. If you are macro-tracking, how diligent were you today? Are you eating nutrient dense foods on a consistent basis? If you’re checking in with your coach, are you taking your progress pictures and sending your email at the right time of day? If you’re training, are you doing all that you can? Could you lift heavier? Are you satisfied when you leave the gym?

Are you satisfied with the work you put in, overall?

The answer to this will determine the rate of your success, and when the universe continues to offer us these testing periods, look up and show your deepest gratitude.

THIS is your opportunity to make a serious change in your life; it is your opportunity to be granted seeds for your garden and ensure the transformational shift that WILL happen over time.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out” – Robert Collier 


Sending you all my love, light, and positive vibes on your journey!
XO, Margherita 

About the Author:

Margherita Di Bari
Margherita Di Bari is Miss Canada IFBB Fitness Pro, a Holistic Nutritionist, and Reiki Practitioner. Through PHYSICAL FITNESS & HOLISTIC HEALTH, she is passionate about leading people in the same way she has led herself through personal transformation. Through programs embodying nutrition & training, she facilitates the shift your mindset leading you to your own successful story of greatness.

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