your 30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation

Sustainable transformations start at the root of the matter with your lifestyle and nutrition choices. This program will support your gut-health and holistic balance; when you upgrade your nutrition, you upgrade your life.

30 day cleanse

your natural state is healing,
when your body is given the right tools.

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time effective

This program was made for the busiest schedules, making it easy to save time and stay on track.

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improve Mood & Vitality

Did you know, serotonin (our happy hormone) is made in our gut? Happy gut health = a happy life.


healthy weight loss

Unlike most cleanses, the ULT is ‘anabolic’ – which means you will build muscle as you detox and lose fat. 

My Mission

Ready to transform your body & mind?

I use a very simple, fully organic, vegan, GMO free, 30 day superfoods cleanse to help support the environment for healing within.

Whether you are looking to achieve those long awaited fitness goals, improve your optimization and human potential, increase your energy and passion for life, or simply to upgrade your eating habits and start living a healthier more nutritious life – this multifaceted program is the perfect place for you to start. 

What to Expect

This easy to follow system works on multiple body systems at once, which is why the results are often prolific and look too good to be true at first glance.

The ULT system is a liver detox, kidney flush, metabolic reset, a colon cleanse, parasite killer, it repairs leaky gut, significantly lowers inflammation while boosting the natural, fat-burning hormone called ‘adiponectin’ (and so much more). 

I recommend starting here to build up your healthy habits, and ease your way into a transformed lifestyle.

  • Detoxing & Nourishing
  • Enhance Digestive Cleansing 
  • Scientifically proven to lower inflammation
  • Hormonal balance
  • Balance stress
  • Improve mood stability and wellbeing
  • Metabolic Reset
  • Improve Quality of Sleep
  • Reduce bloating
  • Parasite & colon cleanse
  • Increase Libido
  • Kidney flush
  • Liver Cleanse
  • Repair Intestinal lining from Leaky Gut
  • Increase lean muscle mass & burn fat
  • Vegan Friendly
  • New Cell Regeneration, Anti-Aging
  • Lifestyle-Friendly, Easy Habit Builder
  • Sustainable, Convenient, & Time Effective
  • Increase physical endurance and performance
  • Sustainable Transformation
  • Accountability & Group Support

the system

the 30 day ultimate lifestyle transformation

This is far from a fad diet or internet trend. These are real, long-term, and sustainable results coming from REAL FOOD & HIGH DENSITY NUTRITION

Your body is capable of miracles, when you support it with the proper tools. This 30 day system is a home-coming to some of the highest quality superfoods known to mankind today. 

This is REAL FOOD – the way nature had intended.

If you are ready to transform your life, click the link below to purchase and save with my gift card ‘FindYourFire’ already applied for you at check out.

30 day cleanse

Why i've chosen purium as a partner.

After graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I boycotted all health & fitness supplements in the industry.

After learning about the very typical, unnatural fillers and psuedo-ingredients used, there was no going back for me. I quickly terminated my contracts, even as a sponsored athlete – there was no amount of money that could make me stay.

I spent 3 years working alone, but I was always on the look out to partner with a brand who could share my core values. I wanted a company focused on REAL FOOD & REAL HEALTH, and at the same time making a positive impact on the world.

Enter Purium, the God-send I was looking for. Purium pushes even the USDA to raise their standards! We also have sustainable, eco-friendly packaging and we leave the Earth better than we found it. All while delivering the highest quality superfoods – REAL food for REAL health – straight to your door. 

why holistic health?

When you Upgrade your nutrition, You Upgrade your life.

Think of food as the ‘raw materials’ you use to build your body, mind, and create your overall life experience. 

Food influences both your physical and mental health; just like they say, you ARE what you eat.

Holistic Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of human optimization; using food to create a balance in your holistic health will support the best and most powerful version of you.

This holistic health balance will also often be the determining factor in whether or not you are fighting your body for results at the gym. 

BEFORE diving deep into your fitness goals and re-shaping your body composition, I like to ensure sustainability by working on the ROOT of the matter – your gut health – first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect, this system was made for you then! Making a shake takes less than 2 minutes, and our schedulers will tell you exactly when to have each of our products! Its as easy as grab-and-go! 

After 30 days, you will have created a new set-point within your body, supporting a gut health balance. You can return to eating normally, however your preferences will most likely change! If you decide to have a treat every so often, your body will be well-equipped to process it much more effectively than before.

Yes there is 🙂  the Core 4 is our maintenance package, which will help keep you feeling your best, your health optimal, and sustain all of your results while reaching even greater heights!

It’s similar in the sense that you will be flooding your body with high density nutrients, but very different because the ULT is so much more. Our products are of the highest quality superfoods known to mankind today. This is a detoxifying, nutrifying, muscle building system – and you can eat as much food as you want! 

The ULT comes with a complete guide for the program. Inside, you will find food lists and our schedulers will tell you exactly what to eat and when!

Yes – you will actually receive 3 different options you can choose from, and I will help you choose what’s right for you.