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Online Fitness Training: Lifestyle Transformation

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For people looking for a serious change. This custom fit program helps you train you for your own personal goal in a sustainable manner. It includes my personal guidance and support on your whole journey both mentally and physically. The program will have weekly check-ins and progress pictures, diet protocol (meal plan/macros & nutritional guidance), and weekly adjustments for continuous progression.



Fitness Competition Prep Coaching

$285/month (+tax)

With this program, we begin with an initial assessment & meeting followed by a customized program for each individual competitor. This program includes weekly check-ins, pictures, and online progress reports. It also offers full diet protocol (meal plan/macros & nutritional guidance.) With my full guidance and support, you will end this program feeling comfortable and confident to rock the stage!





The ultimate guide for your FIT Lifestyle Transformation. This e-book is designed to provide you with all the tools and knowledge to set yourself up for your greatest success. Understand the basics of nutrient timing, training, nutrition, metabolic processes, how to count macros, and much more. In this guide, you’ll find my greatest advice as well as detailed information about the nutrition and physical training program itself. My goal is to shed as much light to the areas you’ll need to consider in order to: 

·       understand your body and how it works, 
·       become in-tune and connected to the process, 
·       understand how to optimize your transformation and achieve success
·       reach a sustainable lifestyle maintaining results. 

If you know better, you can always do better. Set yourself up with the knowledge of success, all in one book. 



Holistic Wellness & Nutrition Consultations

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In this one-on-one consultation, we will address your main health concerns and create a personal results-driven plan focused on optimal wellness of the body and mind through nutrition. By the assessment of your current diet and lifestyle, medical history, and symptoms, we will work to uncover the root cause of what holds you back from your optimal health. It is my intention to work with you at your own pace, whether you are suffering from:

·       digestive issues (bloating, gas, constipation)
·       weakened immune system
·       weight gain & cravings
·       a poor relationship with food
·       mental health
·       low energy & loss of concentration
·       mood swings
·       insomnia & trouble staying asleep
·       hormonal imbalance
·       PMS
·       adrenal fatigue and/or thyroid issues
·       candida and/or parasites
·       diabetes and/or any other ailments impacting your quality of life

By the completion of an in-depth intake form, this will allow me to create the most suitable protocol to achieve your personal health goals and restore balance back into your life. (Follow up sessions are available on an ongoing basis to ensure you are on the path to success).



Workplace Wellness & Nutrition Programs

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It's time to bring wellness & nutrition to the workplace! Encourage team building as we dive into the truths of nutrition, and how you can create effective yet sustainable lifestyle changes both at home AND in the office to achieve your health & wellness goals. 
In this program, we will: 

·       learn the principles of optimal nutrition and a health promoting diet
·       demystify common ailments such as digestive issues, weakened immune, etc.
·       learn how to optimize your energy through the work day
·       address mental health and self-care practices
·       address stress & weight gain, and learn how to combat it
·       learn how to prepare healthy meals & lunches
·       learn how to meal prep effectively to save money & time
·       learn how to create a balanced diet in alignment to your wellness goals

This fun workplace initiative program is a win-win for everyone involved. These programs have been proven to reduce absenteeism, increase overall productivity, company morale, and overall job satisfaction! 


Intuitive Training & Self-Development Workshops

coming soon

This work is something dear to my heart. As I have been studying spiritual development for over a decade, it has become my way of life. As I continue to evolve on my own journey, I am nearing the completion of a very special program to offer and share. This program will integrate my intuitive practices including the Akashic Records, with the help of other esoteric tools such as Oracle Cards & Tarot.



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