​W​hat it Means to 'Find Your Fire'

To 'Find Your Fire' is to find your driving life force and energy. It is becoming the best version of yourself, mentally and physically. Finding your fire is igniting your passion, and giving a new meaning to your life. 

​"Margherita is someone you want in your corner! She is your biggest cheerleader, even on days when you feel like giving up. She pushes you to show you just how strong you are, both mentally and physically."

- Louisa D​i Lorio

​Is It Time For You to Make a Change?

Fitness is more than just changing your body, fitness changes your mindset. Fitness can change how you behave to how you make decisions. Science has proven again and again how having an active and fit life can boost brain power, maintain focus, and reduce emotional stress. Success is measured by your own drive and determination, make the decision to change your life today.

​How I Can Help You

My coaching is for people looking for a serious change. This custom fit program helps you train you for your own personal goal in a sustainable manner! 

I believe 'FITNESS' encompasses the BODY & MIND; I offer guidance that will facilitate a transformation in ALL areas of your life!

With beginner to advanced programming, this program will allow you to build confidence in and out of the gym! Having a program that is easily accessible through the FindYourFire training app will give you all the support you need; videos to show how you can properly each exercise, daily goal tracking, and your nutrition protocol is all available at your fingertips. With a straight forward plan, sticking to a routine will be easier than ever before. With a physical training program, you can build the momentum of success in your life; this positively “accomplished” feeling will filter into all areas of your life - increasing your confidence and abundant energy flow!

I’m sure you heard that “lifting heavy weight makes women bulky”, WRONG. Don’t fall into the limitation of this myth and believe it to be true! What creates a “bulky” frame mostly has to do with nutrition, and the specific exercises that are chosen to perform in a program - it is not how heavy you lift! In this program, I’ve selected specific exercises to compliment the curves of a woman’s body; “booty-building” is my specialty, so together we will train to build beautiful strong legs, cinch the waistline, tone up the arms, and create a lean sexy back!

I do not believe physical fitness is separate from your mental state, and this division of the mental and physical body while training is a severe limitation to the improvements that are possible for you! Having conscious awareness of your thoughts, habits, and perceived “limitations” is the fastest way to self-mastery and success in and out of the gym! Does this mean we have to have ourselves figured out? NOT at all! We will always be a work-in-progress as long as we are living on this Earth! Having AWARENESS is the key to growth, not solving all your problems at once. In this program, I will guide you through “mental fitness” just as much as the physical, I am so passionate about sharing this innovative component of my training program because this is how I’ve personally created success in my journey - I can’t wait to support you with yours!


You can train as hard as you want and as often as you’d like, but unless your nutrition is on point you will not achieve the results you’re looking for. Furthermore, unless your body is supported with essential nutrients and running optimally, weight loss will be next to impossible! I see this so often, and have experienced it many times myself: we blame ourselves and think we can’t achieve our fitness goals, when really it’s just our body systems that need some extra support! Our digestive system, endocrine (hormones) system, intestinal system, immune system (etc.) all matter, and have a lot of control over our successes. In my program, I offer nutritional guidance from my perspective as a holistic nutritionist (RHN), I also facilitate transformations in body re-composition with my background as a professional athlete!


Physical exercise is so important for the health of your body, not to mention your daily energy levels! Working up a sweat  will get your blood flowing, body detoxing, cells metabolizing, and endorphins rushing - all serving as the perfect recipe to increase the VITAL energy you feel day to day! It's easy to see how this energy boost will positively affect the quality of your overall life, which brightens your entire perspective of it! We call this rejuvenating your "LIFE FORCE" energy, (or chi in traditional Chinese medicine). Physical training, along with the mental development exclusive to this program will serve to consciously connect you to your mind, body, and soul. To "Find Your Fire" is to reignite the flame of your life force within, as you become the best version of yourself from the inside out!

 In teaming up with me as your online coach, you will experience even greater accountability than conventional in-person training sessions! Though our relationship is online, we will be in close contact throughout this program with our weekly check-ins and progress pictures. This method provides the framework for me to ensure results-driven programming with up to date protocols changing weekly, all based on your CURRENT progress! With this attentive program, online training is the future of fitness; it will serve as the most efficient means of reaching your goals. With the Find Your Fire Training App, I’m always just a message away!

"Now I feel like I’m in better shape than I was before my first baby! Everyone should try a session with Margherita – believe me, you will get healthier, stronger and have fun while doing it! I went from not being able to do a push up or proper sit up to being a fit mom able to keep up with my 2 boys." - OLA M.

​12 Week Transformation Coaching

In this program, you will work with me on a weekly basis as I walk you through a results-driven protocol. This program includes a full customized training program, weekly progress through check-ins, pictures, and progress reports - all with the convenience of my Find Your Fire Training App! This transformation program also offers full guidance with diets, both macro counting and holistic protocols. With my full ongoing support, you will finish this program finally achieving your long awaited goals!

  • ​Personal Coaching support, access to messaging me.
  • Weekly check-ins; results driven custom programming.
  • Sustainable Meal Plans, E-Book included.

​Get Access to My Training App to Keep Yourself Organized and Accountable

​C​lient Transformations​

Sarah M.

​Sherae D.

​​Maria T.

​Sofia K.

​​Carolina ​A.

​​​Kareen J.

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