Success Story: Garrett M.


Interview with Garrett on his transformation Journey

Garrett, you did it. You stopped waiting, and started working on the goals you had on your mind for so long! You are an inspiration to many for bringing your dream into reality – and finishing with a Top 5 Place at the OPA Barrie Naturals show! We know it’s not an easy process, so tell us more about your incredible story:

1. What inspired you to make the change? What was the ‘final straw’ that pushed you to take immediate action?

Honestly, people such as Margherita inspired me. I’ve always looked up to people in the fitness industry and how they were able to accomplish such incredible physiques but also transform mentally through fitness.

It wasn’t so much a final straw as much as it was the growing desire to achieve something better. I had to ignore the doubt and finally stop second guessing my capability to achieve greatness!

2. What were you feeling just BEFORE you decided to take on this transformation?

It wasn’t so much a final straw as much as it was the growing desire to achieve something better. I had to ignore the doubt and finally stop second guessing my capability to achieve greatness.

3. How did the beginning stages feel for you? 

As soon as I made the choice to go for it, it was all in for me. It felt great. It was a rush of excitement just like taking a leap and knowing there was no turning back.

4. When did you feel you finally caught a groove with your new routine?

The groove was never linear. I had my good days along with bad days but with the help from my coach Margherita I was able to persevere through every obstacle and find my fire.

5. What was the hardest challenge to overcoming in balancing all aspects of life?

Gaining control of my mental state. For me my mental state is the back bone to everything. It is the most powerful tool we have and mastering that was going to be my first priority in terms of balance. Everything else always seems to follow suit for me.

Garrett, we know ‘life happens’ and each of us have unique responsibilities that require our energy and attention. And, we know that when it comes to our goals and creating success in our lives, it takes our commitment and dedication no matter the cards we are dealt! As you were competing for the first time, tell us:

6. What was your personal ‘key to success’?

Finding my self belief. Believing that you are capable is so key because if you don’t believe in yourself you can’t expect anyone els to. And that goes along with self love and acceptance. Always staying true to yourself, and knowing that if you do everything will fall into place.

7. In what way would you say you are most different than the person in your “before” picture?

You can see the confidence come through. Its like night and day. Although who I was in that before photo was someone with a dream I had my doubts. This journey transformed my mind. And with a strong mind came a strong physique ready to hit the stage.

Overall, the transformation you’ve achieved is far more than physical, it is definitely a journey of mental growth and self-discovery. Let’s talk more about how this process and how it’s shaped who you are today..

8. What is the greatest lesson you learned throughout the process?

The most valuable lesson I took away from this is “on the other side of pain is success.” If  we are willing to endure whats necessary to achieve our dreams theres nothing that can stop us.

9. What would you tell other people, like yourself, who have goals in mind but haven’t made a move yet?

Invest in yourself. It’s the single best investment we can ever make!

10. Any final thoughts you would like to share?

Surround yourself with people that will bring you up. People that bring the best out of you.  This journey is mine to live but I do have people to thank for the support like my family and friends and especially my coach Margherita! She knows the most valuable transformation is the one that lays inside.

Garrett, congratulations on this incredible natural transformation for your first fitness competition, and your BIG TOP 5 WIN. We know competing is no joke, but through and through you kept your mindset fixed on growth. I am honoured to have worked with you on this special goal, and I am so proud of who you’ve become through this experience.

XO – Margherita 


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