What connects our body, to our mind, to spirit?


It’s our will – also known as the seat of the soul, which connects the physical to the metaphysical.

Hear me out.. because these insights came flooding mid-workout, making me stop to write it out.

In the FindYourFire fitness paradigm, the physical and metaphysical (spirit, energy, source, etc) are intricately connected. I know, and have experienced for the last decade, the greater potential within ‘fitness’ to transform the not just the physical, but the mental, emotional, and spiritual realms.

And what I realized today, is just how it all comes together.

The WILL is a powerful force which is seated at our solar plexus, and often spoken of by the world’s great mystics. If you think of the will as the connection point, it is easy to see how it contains the fullest expression of our human potential and is the key to fuelling our fire.

Our physical strength is fuelled by our WILL – without a strong will, we can never develop the strong body or the work ethic to show up everyday and maintain consistency.

Our will then goes on to fuel our MIND with affirmations of resiliency, which allows for growth and self-mastery; a resilient mind helps us to move forward proactively, despite any perceived setbacks or how we may feel.

Our will, fuelling the body and the mind, then creates an opening to fuel the spirit – this is where the insights come flooding in. Call it exercise endorphins or pure life force – this energy encourages us to tap into our potential and to start visualizing more of what we desire.

This is the metaphysical aspect of the fitness journey – it becomes such a great source of empowerment that it allows us the space to SEE our highest expression, and the practice itself provides the grounds to manifest and create more of what we want.

Because there is something very powerful about affirming with each rep, who and what we want to be.

There is something so mystical about feeling the rush of building resiliency from the inside out with every training session.

And in showing up for yourself to train, you get uninterrupted time for this imperative self development and growth.

Our will contains the potential of our physical body, to our mind, and spirit.. and as we physically exercise our body, we gain access to this multi-dimensional potential and the deepest truths we store within.

There is so much opportunity within fitness, when you’re coming from a place of core alignment while making the right connections.

If you’re looking to approach the journey from a deeper, more meaningful space, let’s work together – I’ll help you find what’s most aligned to your soul.


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